MANGACHOC Roller Systems

MANGACHOC HT - Rollers for high temperatures, without lubrication & without cooling

MANGACHOC HT - Roller are the soluton for for extremly conditions, such as:

  • High temperatures
  • Dirty environment
  • Shortness of lubrication
  • High pressure and impact loads


MANGACHOC HT - Rollers are manufactured individually for each application and have highly wear - resistant, maintenance - free MANGACHOC plain bearings.

MANGACHOC HT - Rollers are the special solution for use at very high temperatures. These rolls do not require lubrication, therefore automatic lubrication systems and cooling equipment is no longer necessary.

Typical applications:

Steelworks, Power stations, Coking plants, Cement works, waste incineration plant etc.

MANGACHOC Roller Systems (pdf)