MANGACHOC Slide Bearings - seamless

Highly wear-resistant, maintenance-free steel plain bearings – without lubrication

MANGACHOC Slide-Bearings are made of an amagnetic and high-carbon austenitic steel. In connection with a hard-metal friction counterpart, the hardness of the steel surface increases under dynamic load (impact and shock) up to 600 HV. This hardened surface builds up continuously, providing excellent resistance to wear.

MANGACHOC Slide-Bearings are seamless, unbreakable and are suited for the use at high temperatures and high stresses.

MANGACHOC Slide-Bearings usually do not need lubrication, without any risk of seizing.

MANGACHOC Slide-Bearings usually come with a profiled or a plain surface and a special AF coating, which features a very high pressure absorption capacity. Even under highest stress, this sliding coating prevents direct metal-to-metal contact between the sliding surfaces, while reducing friction and wear and the risk of slip-stick. The coating additionally protects against corrosion, effectively preventing the formation of fretting corrosion.

MANGACHOC Slide-Bearings are manufactured in standard or tailored sizes according to their application.

MANGACHOC Slide-Bearings are mainly used in the following areas:

Mining machines, crushing and hammer mills, conveyor and scratch chains, plate belts, gravel and scrab grabs, wheel and caterpillar loaders, rotating and slewing cranes, container loading cranes, ship unloading facilities, lock bridges and drawing bridges, valves of blast furnaces, tilting run, continuous casting rollers, chains for guiding lines, slide-bearings for ladle-pins for cast iron, pliers for slabs and coils, industrial furnaces, combustion gratings, equipments for cranes, etc.

Operating Conditions:

Admissible sliding speed without lubrication: 0.1 m/s

Friction value without lubrication: 0.15 (typical 0.08 – 0.28)

Temperature range: -100 °C to + 380 °C


Housing bore: H7

Shaft diameter: h7

Mounting Instructions:

We recommend an installing of the Slide-Bearings in cooling with liquid nitrogen. If this is not possible you may also assemble by pressing or by spot welding.

If you have any further questions, our consulting services will be pleased to assist you.

Download - MANGACHOC Bushing (pdf)