MANGACHOC Spherical Plain Bearings

Highly wear-resistant, maintenance-free steel/steel Bearings, without lubrication, without PTFE

MANGACHOC Spherical Plain Bearings consist of a ring made of high-carbon austenitic and amagnetic steel and a hardmetal friction counterpart.

MANGACHOC Spherical Plain Bearings allow tilting and swivelling mouvements at rather low sliding speeds and this compensates misalignements and edge loading.

MANGACHOC Spherical Plain Bearings are highly wear resistant, have either a PVC sliding suface susceptible to degradations or a permanent lubrication system and can usually be used without lubrication.

MANGACHOC Spherical Plain Bearings are the solution for problems relating to the extreme working conditions as for example an important solicitation by high pressure and impact, high or low temperatures, an unclear environment, a very important abrasion, a shortness of lubrication, …

MANGACHOC Spherical Plain Bearings are fundamentally designed to be mounted on hydraulic cylinders and center pivots.

MANGACHOC Spherical Plain Bearings are specifically manufactured for your case of use.

Operating conditions:

Admissible sliding speed without lubrication: 0,1 m/s

Friction value: 0,15 (typically 0,08-0,28)

Temperature range: -100°C up to +380°C

Tolerance details:

Spherical Plain Bearings: according to DIN 12 240 – 1

(Other tolerances and dimensions are possible)

Mounting instructions:

We recommend mounting by using liquid nitrogen. Where it is exceptionally not possible you can use the standard mounting instructions for Spherical Plain Bearings.

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Download - MANGACHOC Spherical Plain Bearing (pdf)