Blast Furnace

Hot metal tilting runner – Spherical Plain Bearings

In the process of relining a blast furnace in an Austrian metallurgical plant, also the tilting runners were renewed. Looking back on a positive ten-year experience in this area, the bearings of the tilting runners, the driveshaft and the cylinders were equipped with highly wear-resistant, maintenance-free MANGACHOC Slide-Bearings. (Ref.38)

Blast furnace bleeder

The bleeder at a blast furnace installed in a metallurgical plant in the North of Germany used to have a spherical joint consisting of two half-shells made of bronze and a steel ball greased via a central grease lubrication system. However, over time, grease had accumulated on the charging platform and had to be removed in a tedious process at certain intervals. Upon our recommendation, we delivered a MANGACHOC spherical joint of our design that did not require grease lubrication. In the meantime, also a second blast furnace has been retrofitted in the same manner. (Ref.60)

Bell-less top – rotating chute

Formerly, the slewing gear of the rotating chute used to have lubricated steel/steel spherical plain bearings. However, owing to the operating conditions, the lubrication was ineffective; the bearings failed prematurely and had to be replaced. Therefore, a well-known blast furnace engineering company installed maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC joint bearings – both in their new deliveries and in their repair work – for more than 10 years. (Ref.64)