Coke Oven Plant

Hammermill – coal crushin

In a Saarland-based coke oven plant, hard coal is crushed with a hammer mill. The hammer mill beater arms used to have bearings with steel adapter sleeves. However, with a production output of about 100,000 tons, the service life of these bearings quite often did not exceed 3 months. In many cases, not only the bearings of the beater arms had to be replaced, but also the beater arms as a whole. Several years ago, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC slide bushes replaced the adapter sleeves for the first time. Since then, a service life of more than 12 months has been the rule with an output exceeding 500,000 tons. (Ref.6)

Damp cylinder, coke quenching-car

In the past, the lubricated steel/steel spherical plain bearings of a coke-quenching car in a Saarland-based coke oven plant had to be renewed after only a few months of service due to abrasive wear. At the beginning of 2003, maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC MGD 90 spherical plain bearings were mounted in their stead. By mid-2006 we were informed that these bearings were still in service and functioned properly. (Ref.51)