Rolling Mill

Bogie hearth furnace – rollers

Originally, the rollers in a West German rolling mill plant were equipped with lubricated rolling bearings. Despite being regularly lubricated with high temperature grease, the service life of the bearings usually did not exceed approx. 6 months. After retrofitting some rollers with highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC slide bearings in the course of an experiment, only barely measurable wear was observed during an inspection 6 months later. As a consequence, all rollers were retrofitted. (Ref.40)

Coil tong bearing

A West German rolling mill producing steel strip had to deal with the problem of grease dripping through leaky bearings from one of the coil tongs onto the hot rolled strip, leading to stains on the cold rolled strip. By retrofitting maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC slide bearings, however, this problem could be solved. (Ref.42)

Decoiler – clamping mandrel, spreader

A decoiler by a well-known French manufacturer is used in the pickling line of a West German cold strip rolling mill. Originally, the bearings were equipped with gunmetal or spring steel bushes requiring lubrication as well as constant replacement. During a general overhaul, it was decided to replace all bearings with maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC slide bearings. Two years later it was reported that these bearings were operating flawlessly – without any lubrication. (Ref.49)

Guide rollers, looper car

In the past, the guide rollers of a looper car used for the pickling line in a rolling mill in North Germany constantly had to be renewed because they had been running in. To solve this problem, a test with MANGACHOC rollers was conducted. Given the positive result, all rollers were exchanged subsequently. (Ref.48)

Feeding mechanism, cooling bed

The joints of the cooling bed feeding mechanism at a West German pipe manufacturing plant used to be supported with bronze bushes. Due to the heat, lubrication was mostly ineffective which meant that the bearings had to be constantly repaired. When MANGACHOC slide bushes were tested, the service life could be doubled to tripled. As a consequence, all joints were retrofitted accordingly. (Re.81)