Waste incineration

Reciprocating grate – grate carriage rollers

The grate carriage rollers in a Saarland waste incineration plant were originally mounted on rolling bearings and required lubrication. Owing to the influence of the incineration temperature of 850-1000°C, the rollers were often blocked as the grease used for lubrication burned off. At each inspection, it was either necessary to acquire new rollers from the manufacturer of the plant or to repair the dismantled rollers by exchanging the rolling bearings. Both of these solutions involved high economic costs; better alternatives were needed. In the course of an experiment, 20 MANGACHOC rollers were initially mounted with maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant slide bearings in the hot working area. When checked after 7500 operating hours, all rollers were still fully functional. Both roller and bearing showed but a barely measurable wear, which meant that this type of rollers had a potential service life of many operating years leading to important savings in the procurement of new rollers or their repair. Today, both incineration lines have been equipped with the rollers.