Ore is unloaded from ships with grabs in a steel work in Northern France. These grabs used to have lubricated steel bearings. In the past, the transporting capacity of the grabs amounted to approx. 1 million tons until they had to be repaired. After retrofitting MANGACHOC bearings, the service life could be extended to more than 4 years, involving a capacity of approx. 4.5 million tons. (Ref.9)

Grapple – slide bearings

In a Palatinate-based waste-to-energy plant, the cast steel slide bearings of grapples had to be renewed due to substantial wear every 6 months at the latest. First, one grapple was retrofitted with highly wear-resistant, maintenance-free MANGACHOC slide bearings. When checked after one year, only barely measurable wear could be observed. As a consequence, 3 more grapplers have been retrofitted up to now. (Ref.44)

Hydraulic grapple

A scrap metal merchant in Northern France wanted to improve the service life of his hydraulic grapples. In the past, the lubricated bearings of the grapples had to be repaired after just one year of operation at the latest. Initially, one grapple was retrofitted with MANGACHOC slide bearings. When checked after 34 months of operation, only barely measurable wear was observed at the bearings of the grapple arms. Consequently, all grapples in service were retrofitted. Upon procurement of a new grapple, the manufacturer was obliged to use MANGACHOC slide bearings. (Ref.11)