Ore Dressing

Steel slat conveyor – ore/coal bunker

The pivots of a steel slat conveyor employed for ore and coal at a pig iron company used to be equipped with slide bearings. Although they were regularly and thoroughly lubricated, the bearings often had to be repaired at very short intervals due to abrasive operating conditions. Several years ago, the first slat conveyor was retrofitted with maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC slide bearings. In this process, the bearings of the chain links and driving rollers as well as the shafts were replaced. An inspection after about 18 months showed but barely measurable wear. In the meantime, this fact, along with the cost savings for maintenance and repair, has led to all other slat conveyors being equipped in the same way. (Ref.47)

Lantern wheel/scraper, blending bed

The lubricated heat-treatable steel lantern wheel rollers of the blending bed in a Saarland-based metallurgical plant often had to be replaced due to malfunction (blocking). To solve the problem, maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant and sealed MANGACHOC rollers were designed and mounted by us. Their improved function contributed to a substantial service life extension. (Ref.73)