Transport & Materials Handling Technology

Stabiliser link bearing, DUMP SPREADER

In this case the ordering party required a largely maintenance-free bearing and a service life of 15 years. As it was reasonable to expect that the equipment would be subject to impacts and shocks, the manufacturer opted for initially lubricated MANGACHOC slide bearings. (Ref.32)

Fixed mast bearings of large forklift trucks

A large forklift truck (type 2512) by the company VALMET is used in a pipe mill. In the past, the lubricated gunmetal bushes of the fixed mast had to be replaced due to wear after a service time of approx. 6 months. In some cases, even the location holes showed wear. Following a recommendation, maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC bushes were mounted in place. When checked after 6 months of operation, no change in the bearing clearance could be observed, which indicated a service life of several years with maintenance-free operation. (Ref.8)

Bucket, underground mining loader

A German manufacturer of underground mining loaders used to have the problem that the bearings for the bucket failed as early as during the warranty period because they were subject to impacts and shocks. As the machine had to be brought aboveground for repair, substantial warranty costs were incurred. MANGACHOC slide bearings have been used in place since 2006 and the problem no longer exists. (Ref.50)

Bucket, traxcavator CAT 973

In an electric steel plant in the South of Germany, hot slag is transported with a traxcavator. However, the service life of the lubricated bucket bearings installed by the equipment manufacturer only lasted a few weeks due to the operating conditions. Since maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC slide bearings have been mounted, a much longer service life could be achieved. (Ref.91)