Continuous bloom casting – dummy bar chain

A steelworks in Lower Saxony had great problems with its continuous casting plants due to the lack of flexibility in the dummy bar chain. Several years ago, one chain was equipped with maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC slide bearings in the course of an experiment. The service life study conducted afterwards revealed a service life extension by at least 100 per cent. On the basis of these findings, the decision was taken to equip all chains with this type of bearings. (Ref.18)

Converter trunnion bearing

The converter trunnion bearing in an East German steelworks was retrofitted with maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC slide bearings. The retrofitted equipment has now been working without lubrication and without problems for more than 18 months. Before this measure was taken, the formerly used rolling bearings only achieved a service life of a few months. (Ref.22)

Continuous billet casting – movable stopper

The movable stopper at a continuous billet casting plant in a Thuringia-based steelworks used to be equipped with lubricated steel slide bushes. Due to insufficient lubrication and high temperatures, these were soon worn out after only a few weeks. Retrofitting the plant with maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC Slide-Bearings achieved a service life of more than 5 years. (Ref.26)

​​​​​​​Continuous billet casting – foot rollers

The rollers of a continuous billet casting plant in a West German steelworks used to be equipped with rolling bearings that required lubrication. The incineration of the grease used for lubrication often caused blockages – mainly occurring at the foot rollers. After successfully testing maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC Rollers, all plants were retrofitted accordingly. This achieved an increase in productivity and at the same time considerable savings in lubrication cost. (Ref.35)

Steel/slag car – tilting device

A West German steelworks had great problems with the slide bearings at the tilting device of a steel / slag car. Impacts and shocks as well as abrasive substances were prematurely destroying the bearings, which had to be replaced in a tedious process. By retrofitting maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC bearings, the service life of the bearings was extended many times over. (Ref.36)

Steel casting ladle – trunnion bearing

The trunnion bearings of a 90-ton steel casting ladle employed in a West German special steelworks used to be made of gunmetal bearings; despite regular lubrication, their service life proved to be insufficient. In October 1986, the first ladle was retrofitted with highly wear-resistant, maintenance-free MANGACHOC bearings in the course of an experiment. The positive result led to further 16 ladles being retrofitted in the same manner. In the meantime, further new steel ladles have been acquired under the proviso that these had to be equipped with MANGACHOC bearings. (Ref.39)

Converter torque arm

After an operating time of approx. 9 months, the lubricated original steel/steel radial spherical plain bearing already showed a clearance increase of more than 1 mm due to abrasive wear. As the repair work still had to be carried out during the warranty period, the plant manufacturer decided to install maintenance-free MANGACHOC spherical plain bearings. (Ref.23)

Slab tong

A slab tong in a West German steelworks had to be repaired after approx. 4 years of service because the grabs were deformed. On this occasion, it was observed that the installed MANGACHOC bearing bushes were still in virtually new condition. (Ref.12)

Cover lifting device, electric arc furnace

The cover lifting device of an electric arc furnace in a West German steelworks used to have lubricated steel/steel spherical plain bearings. Owing to the operating conditions, these bearings often failed due to insufficient lubrication. To solve the problem, maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC spherical plain bearings were mounted, extending the service life several times over. (Ref.52)

Bearing, laminated hooks

The bearings of the laminated hooks made of heat treatable steel installed in a foundry crane in a Spanish steelworks had to be replaced due to adhesive wear caused by insufficient lubrication after only 9 months at the latest. At first, 2 hook bearings were retrofitted with maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC slide bushes in the course of an experiment. When they were checked after a few months, no substantial wear could be observed, leading to the reasonable expectation of a service life of several years. Based on this result, all laminated hooks in service were retrofitted accordingly. (Ref.67)

Continuous casting plant – burr removal

In the past, the bronze bearing bushes had to be continuously replaced due to impact loading and insufficient lubrication. By mounting maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC slide bearings a service life extension by three times could be achieved. (Ref.82)

Cover-lifting device – ladle turret

Given that the high temperatures led to insufficient lubrication, the lubricated bearings of the cover-lifting device often required repair. By mounting a MANGACHOC slide bearing – useable up to +380°C without lubrication – the service life could be substantially extended. (Ref.84)

Trunnion bearings for 255-ton steel casting ladles

A steelworks in Eastern Germany had ordered 12 new steel casting ladles from an Italian manufacturer. Based on positive experiences within the company group, maintenance-free, highly wear-resistant MANGACHOC half-shell bearings were stipulated. When one ladle was checked after a year of operation, only barely measurable wear could be observed.